How to use winbox qr code to transfer money?

Go to Winbox personal account

Click the QR code icon (bottom of the Winbox personal account)

Scan the winbox qr code that you want to transfer to

If you already have a QR code that need to be transferred to in your mobile phone album, click “Album” (top right of the QR code scan), and select the QR code

Enter the 6 digit payment code to complete the transfer transaction

No Game / No Referrer In WINBOX APP?

Because you have not bound the referrer

Please follow the steps below

Step 1 : Go to "Me"

Step 2 : Click "Setting"

Step 3 : Select "Referrer"

Step 4 : Export the Referrer QR code from album or direct scan the QR code

Step 5 : Click "Next"

How to send friend request via QR code?

Click “Contacts” in your WINBOX personal account to find “New Friends”

In addition to entering the UID account of a friend, you can also send a friend request by scanning or exporting a QR code image.


Click “My”> Click the image of the QR code logo at the top


Select “Scan QR code to transfer” and scan the QR code of the saved friend in the album.


Enter the 6-digit payment code to complete the transfer transaction

Winbox is a versatile and user-friendly management utility used for configuring casino games. It streamlines connection through a graphical interface, enhancing accessibility even for casino users users. One notable feature is the Winbox QR code functionality, allowing seamless device access.


What is the Winbox QR code feature?

The Winbox QR code feature is a convenient addition to the Winbox toolset. It enables users to quickly connect to their casino gaming app by scanning a QR code. This eliminates the need for manually entering IP addresses, login credentials, and port numbers. Once the QR code is scanned, users gain instant access to the casino gaming interface.

How do I use the Winbox QR code feature?

To use the Winbox QR code feature, follow these steps:

1.    Open the Winbox application on your device.

2.    In the main window, click on the "QR Code" button.

3.    A QR code will be generated, containing the necessary connection details.

4.    On your mobile device, open a QR code scanning app and scan the generated QR code.

5.    Winbox will automatically configure the connection settings and establish a secure connection to the Casino gaming app.